Meet the team who make us today!

fuse's Vision

Crypto Fuse goes a long way to fulfilling its promise of helping you to grow by being transparent and honest. We will always be friendly and approachable, ready to help and support you! We will never stop working to improve our services. We are driven by a desire to deliver a better trading/investing experience. Helping you to invest without stress and guide you to become a professional trader is our main focus.

Our Mission

Investing in cryptocurrencies is the opportunity of the current generation! Not only because it is possible to make huge profits, but also the limitless possibilities crypto offers. Is it not to risky to invest/trade in crypto? As Mark Zuckerberg once said: “The biggest risk is not taking a risk. In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” When you decide to get in a market one of the most important things to do for eliminating the losses is joining a concerned community. Learn to take advantage of these new opportunities and become successful in crypto together!

Our Leadhership


Founder & Analyst

The reason why I started with trading crypto was simply to find a new hobby where I could learn a ’new game’. At first, I started with reading books to learn more about the psychological aspects of trading and watching videos on YouTube. After a couple of trades on my own where I made and lost some money, I realized it was better to join a crypto trading community, so I did. Here I learned much from their guidance + I was making profits from their signals at the same time. It really helped me to grow my port and knowledge about the market. Later I became an analyst on the server and got paid for giving signals. I love to work as an analyst in a community to help people grow and there is no better feeling than giving your members a profitable call. I wanted to do this for other servers as well, so I did. I started to do the same thing for 2 other servers. In all the servers I have worked for/stayed I saw things that could be done a lot better. That’s why I wanted to compress all the good elements of the other servers into one concept and leave the bad elements out.


Co-Founder & Analyst

I’m a software Engineer, started trading in the start of COVID-19 because one of my clients wanted me to work with his team on building a crypto bot. Started learning, joined communities, embraced my own decisions and build my own Strategies for trading. Now, trading is big part of my income. Then became friends with Dokterfuse and started our own community to help people who are also eager to make an income out of trading.

Jhon Lu

Crypto Analyst

My real name is Adrian, in contradiction to my artistic name. I am born and raised in Spain. My first months in trading reside in 2019, where thanks to magazines I was able to get to know this world. Indeed, I began by introducing myself to etoro for a few months, a student with the knowledge that I was acquiring, the world of the stock market. However, it wasn’t until the quarantine of 2020 that I first started investing in crypto. From that moment on, I decided to change my platform to binance, and I began to study and read interesting books on the subject. Months later I entered the discord communities, and passing from one to another I managed to get to where I am.